Take Action: Recycling at Home

Erase your waste at home

We want to help you find answers to all your questions about waste reduction, reuse and recycling in your home. Some handy tools to help you on your waste diversion quest:

  • Check out more search options for a complete list of what's recyclable in the metro area.
  • Search by community to find out what services are offered in your area.
  • Find ideas and tips for ways to reduce waste, recycle and reuse materials throughout the site.

What are you throwing away?

Knowing what's actually going in your trash is the best way to watch your "waste line." Any time you have an item to get rid of, ask yourself:

  • Can it be reused or recycled?
  • If so, can it be reused here at home, donated or put in my curbside recycling bin?
  • If not, where's the right place for me to properly dispose of the material?

Be aware of your waste. Choosing the right method of disposal for each item makes sure that nothing in your home really goes to waste. Simply ask, "Which bin does it go in?"

  • Recycling bin (at home or at a drop-off center)
  • Compost bin (leaves, grass, organic waste)
  • Donation box (old clothes, toys, furniture, etc.)
  • Trash can (anything that can't be reused, recycled, or isn't a dangerous product)