What Can Go in My Curbside Bin?

Before you toss it in your bin, make sure it is accepted by your curbside recycling program. Explore our handy flyers, tips and detailed list of acceptable items to do your part.

Recycle Better Flier

To bin, or not to bin? Now there is no question.

This handy flier lists what you can and can't put in your curbside recycling bin in the Kansas City metro area.

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11 x 17 PDF

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Recycle Plastics Better

But what about this plastic thing?

This new flier clearly indicates how to properly recycle common household plastic items. 

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Recycle better


Follow these tips to recycle right: 

  • No plastic bags or film
  • Keep items loose, not in bags or boxes
  • No liquids
  • No food
  • No “tanglers” (long, stringy items: cords, hoses, shower curtains, etc.)
  • Rinse all containers (plastic, cans)
  • Do not crush containers
  • No “smalls” (containers smaller than a credit card)
  • No “smalls” (containers smaller than a credit card)
  • Break down/flatten boxes
  • Put caps and lids back on plastic bottles, tubs and jars
  • Collect metal caps and lids in tin/steel can and squeeze shut
  • Remove shrink sleeves from plastic bottles
  • Do not remove labels, staples, tape, and plastic windows (envelopes, pasta boxes, etc.)

YES! These items go in your recycling bin:

Aerosol Cans

Empty (no "hiss" sound) and remove plastic cap

Aluminum Cans

Rinse and leave tab on

Cardboard Boxes


Paper Cartons

Rinse and put lid back on

Paperboard Boxes

No need to remove cellophane window

Junk Mail

Magazines & Catalogs

Molded Fiber


Office Paper

Paper Bags

Phone Books

Pizza Boxes

Recycle clean side only

Spray & Pump Bottles

Dispose nozzles

Steel/Tin Cans

Leave labels on

Paper Tubes

Plastic Tubs

Replace lids

Aluminum Foil

Crumple foil into 2" ball

Paperback Books

Plastic Buckets

5 gal. or smaller only

Opaque Plastic Bottles, Tubs & Jars

Replace lids and caps

Clear Plastic Bottles, Tubs & Jars

Replace lids and caps

Wrapping Paper

No foil or glitter types, dispose ribbons & bows,

Metal Tins

NO! Do NOT place these items in your recycling bin:

Bagged Recyclables

Put items loose in bin

Batteries +



Clean can is recyclable

Paper Frozen Food Containers



Clean plastic bottle is recyclable

Medical & Personal Hygiene

Plastic Bags & Film

Plastic Clamshell Containers

Plastic Utensils & Straws


Pressurized Tanks

Scrap Metal

Small Appliances

Small Items

Any item smaller than 2" x 2"


Long, stringy items

Yard Waste

Fast Food Containers

Styrofoam Blocks & Molds

Styrofoam Food & Beverage Containers

Disposable Dishware

Plastic & paper

Plastic Tubes

Shredded Paper

Pill Containers

Household Hazardous Waste *

Items with DANGER, WARNING or CAUTION on label

Tissue Paper

Plastic cups


Food Trays