Workplace Recycling

How much trash do each of us produce every day?

Each of us throws away about seven pounds of trash per day, which adds up to over a ton of trash per person per year. Now, multiply that times the number of employees at your workplace, and you’re talking a lot of trash. 

That’s a problem, but a problem with a great solution: recycling.

What do workplace partners get?

The Recycle More At Work partnership provides the following services for free to help start or improve recycling at your workplace:

Waste Assessment

This is where it all starts: you need to know where you're at in order to know where to go. We will do a walk-through of your workplace to determine ways to start or improve your recycling. The walk-through will assess waste streams, container types and placement, signage, logistics, and outreach efforts. You’ll receive a  follow-up report and meeting to lay out your next steps.


Many workplaces don’t have recycling in their budget. We can help. If your workplace is in Missouri, we offer funding through the Small Project Assistance Fund. If your workplace is located in Kansas, we can recommend funding sources you can utilize.  

Recycling 101 Presentation

We will give an engaging presentation to staff that shows why recycling is important, that there’s more to it than just tossing a can in a bin, and that we all can recycle more and better at home, at work and beyond. The best time for us to give this presentation is when you’re ready to kick-off your new/revitalized recycling program. Length: 30 min., plus time for Q&A.

Eco Elvis

Eco Elvis, the environmental Elvis, will get your workplace all shook up about recycling. He can perform at a workplace event or be a wandering troubadour spreading the recycling message throughout your workspace. Either way, it’s a show and message your staff will not soon forget.

Recycling Tips

Your workplace will receive monthly recycling tips you can share via social media, email, newsletter, etc.

Educational materials

We provide educational materials to help raise your workplace’s awareness and participation: brochures, posters, table toppers, decals and magnets. We’ll bring samples when we come to do your waste assessment.


We will promote your efforts on RecycleSpot’s Facebook, X and Instagram accounts.

Who are current partners?

Recycle More At Work partners come in all types and sizes: businesses, local governments, non-profit organizations, schools, churches, etc.

What’s in it for us?

By joining Recycle More At Work, you workplace can:

  • Improve green credentials to clients and employees.
  • Demonstrate dedication to a clean and healthy community.
  • Help increase local jobs and tax revenue.
  • Conserve natural resources, energy and landfill space.
  • Reduce pollution of air, water and land.

How do we get started?

Start by sharing some basic information with us using our contact form.